Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SEO progress, week 1

One of the main reasons I have started this blog is to help increase search engine ranking and traffic to my website (www.darkstarmedia.net). I plan on tracking my progress and keeping all my readers up to date on our results. Last week I had an average of 7 visits per day and I suspect most of them were from me.

Many years ago I had could come up on the first page of yahoo and google with different combinations of Toronto, design, freelance, ect. Then about 4 years ago I switched my website to Flash and soon dropped off the map as far as search engines were concerned. Other factors could have been that I stopped adding my link into the websites I had built as I started to do more sub contract work, and websites for large corporate clients which wouldn’t allow my link in the footer.

So with that bit of history behind us I will explain what I have done in the past few weeks in my attempt to increase traffic. The first step was a website redesign using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and adding better meta tags. The website is now text based and search engine readable. I installed Google Analtycs to track my traffic sources and Google Webmaster tools to help refine my content and keywords. I added some web 2.0 features such as an RSS feed and this blog, from what I have learned the blog will be very beneficial to search-ability and page rankings.

I have never gotten business from random clients finding me on search engines, my business has grown from word of mouth and I have been quite satisfied with that. This is a long term experiment and when it is proven to be successful, it will be a service I will offer to clients. Please drop in and watch our progress.